Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Animal Crackers- Greenfield, MA

Thank you Animal Crackers for a job well done!

I've been taking my miniature poodle Rocky there for grooming the past few years - let me tell you that they are always professional and caring in all they do.  Rocky is 14 yrs old now and has gone over the deep end as he has a brain tumor and a condition called Cromins disease? (not sure of the spelling!) Any way Meghan our groomer took her time with him and did a fine job. Rocky does not let her touch his toes anymore and he won't hold his head still either.  At home he walks around in circles and just goes back and forth.  He has been my constant companion for many years and I don't like seeing him age.  He is not in pain and eats well and is always gentle with everyone. 

Since his diagnosis he has been on the drug Vettoryl and it has made a marked improvement in his health and well being.  I hope he will be around for a few more years.

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