Thursday, October 27, 2011

Possible economic uptic - GOOD NEWS???

The first quarter reports show an improvement in the job market - lets hope this will become a trend.
Analysts were saying initially that 2012 will be as flat as 2011 with not much changed.  Hopefully we can prove them wrong - we need improvement NOW!   Sadly, retail is not expected to change much over last year - people are holding on to as much money as possible.  This is not good news for me as I have a small sterling silver jewelry and gift shop.  COME ON PEOPLE, LET OL' GEORGE WASHINGTON OUT OF YOUR WALLET - I NEED TO EAT!!!!!!  But all joking aside, I am just as hesitant when it comes to spending.  I go through my three step process which is:

1) Can I really afford it?
2) Do I really need it now?
3) Would I survive without it?

I am amazed as to how people have been effected by this repression  not only the middle class, but folks in the upper middle class have mentioned to me that they depend on their coupons from the Sunday paper to help out their food bill and that money is just tight.

We have all learned a lesson here on cost cutting and saving wherever and whatever.  It's been a stressful and very painful lesson-we are ALL hurting!  Maybe the protesters on Wall Street have a point?

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