Thursday, October 27, 2011

Professionals in the begging industry??

I travel frequently through certain areas of Western Massachusetts and in these areas there are people at intersections of the local Mall carrying signs asking for money.  We had stopped at a Burger King for lunch and watched as this gentleman was standing there looking for handouts.  Many people had stopped and handed him cash, which he promptly put in his pocket. 

Well as I watched him, he began to walk away only to be picked up by a large luxury Buick and to be replaced by another person who then walked over with another cardboard sign.

 I was in West Springfield the other day and I saw a younger guy with a sign stating he was homeless and had no money.  He must have finished his shift and walked over to a local Dunkin Donuts.  I looked over and saw him walking away with a large cup of coffee in his hand and a cell phone to his ear, he was laughing as he was talking on the phone.

I wonder how much money some of these people pull in tax free?  Maybe we are in the wrong business!!!

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