Sunday, November 6, 2011


We have a beautiful double yellow faced Amazon parrot that is six years old and very healthy.  He has developed this screaming habit and just doesn't stop, no matter what I do.  We talk to him and give him treats and take him out of his very large cage, but the minute he goes back to his cage he starts again.

He will also start screaming if my husband or I pass by or if he hears us talking.  The only thing that seems to stop him is when I cover his cage, I only cover him through the overnight. I checked online and there is a company that advertises a solution at a cost of  $99.00 - does anyone have any suggestions or know whether this is a worthwhile investment or a scam?

I love my Parrot and want what is best for him, he is such a beautiful bird!


Mama Swears said...

I asked a friend to ask around her friends who have birds. She suggests adding her friend Lara Joseph on FB and reading her blog:
here's her website:

I hope you get it resolved. I love birds. I grew up with them and my mother had them until she could no longer take care of them because of cancer.

LaShena Griffin said...

LARA JOSEPH - Avian behavior, training, and enrichment specialist
Work with modifying behavior issues in animals, train behaviors, and focus on enriching environments based on the individual animal, behavior, and mental abilities. The majority of the animals I work with are birds, but definitely not limited to birds.

Kay M said...

I have an Umbrella Cockatoo that screams when the kids are too wound up, or when his food or water bowl are empty. There has to be a reason your bird does it. It's usually a learned behavior. I'm sure he knows it gets him the attention he wants. You might try a few new toys.

Tina Peterson said...

Wow, your bird sounds like a Toddler. LOL That would be hard to take if he does it a lot. Could you leave the door open so he can go in and out? (That might be a dumb question) From your description it sounds like you already do that.

My roommate had a white parakeet that knew how to pick the lock on his cage. We'd come home and he'd be up in the valances enjoying the sunshine and having a great time.

I'm following you from sara's blog o fun would love a follow back on FB and @ my blogs:

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