Saturday, February 18, 2012

Confused Critters??

Our mild winter has continued and it is confusing some of our wonderful wildlife.  Beside seeing many Deer, I have seen (and smelled!!) many Skunks - it is unbelievable how many are out there.  There are also many Possum and Raccoons, even some Turkeys.  It almost feels as though Spring is here - with temps running in the upper 40's range - it's no wonder.  Even the plant world is confused as The Springfield Republican newspaper published a picture of a bulb plant sprouting some shoots in front of The Basketball Hall Of Fame in Springfield, MA.  Speaking of the plant world - I wonder how this winter will impact the maple sugar industry?

I have seen many farms beginning to set up their pipelines for collecting maple sap.  I hope it will turn out to be a good year for them as they depend on the cold nights and warmer days to get the sap to run.  Our nights haven't been too cold either, the last few were running around 38 degrees.  It is now so commonplace to see the maple tree pipelines being run - replacing the old fashioned tap & bucket method.  I was fortunate to see one farm putting out the buckets - it is comforting to see them and think of those old days along with the "Sugar on Snow" gatherings.  The only problem is: WE HAVE NO SNOW!!!  Lets all hope this turns out to be a good year for this industry as many farmers depend on that income.

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