Friday, March 23, 2012

The 2012 Vehicles And A Little Glitch With Some Of Them!!

My Daughter purchased a new 2012 automobile and really loves the car.  She, like me, drives for a living and clocks in about 125 miles per day.  As fate would have it - on one of the coldest snowy nights we had this past winter - she got a flat.  When she bought the car the dealer told her that instead of a spare tire - there is a new repair kit so you can temporarily fix a flat and get the tire permanently repaired of replaced.

Well at 3am she was not able to get the little compressor to work correctly and get the tire inflated.  Her Dad went to help her and the tire finally inflated.  She drove just two blocks and the tire was flat again!! Her Father filled it up again, but it did not hold.  She had to have the car towed to the dealership and had to replace the tire.  She wanted to purchase a spare for the car as there is a spot in the trunk for a donut sized spare tire, she has to purchase a jack also!

The caveat is that there is no donut size tire available as yet from the car manufacturer, the only thing she can do is to get a full size spare. A full size tire will take up all the trunk space in the car - she can't afford that as she carries a large load daily and needs every bit of trunk space.

Since she purchased the car she has had three flat tires in 26,000 miles and has had to have it towed each time.  Before you purchase a new car - make sure you have a spare tire and a jack in the trunk. If not - be sure to get Triple AAA - premium plan to cover towing up to 100 miles, you will probably need it!!!!

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