Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gas Prices Are Approaching The $4 Per Gallon And Up Figure-Why????

Well the gasoline price gremlins are at it again, constantly changing prices even a couple of times per day. One chain of C-Store/ Gas Stations seem to be manipulating prices as they've been posting higher prices at night and then lower them during the day. I have found out from a few of these stores that they base their price per gallon on what others in the general area are charging. The manager drives around checking other prices in the area and then adjusts prices accordingly.

I have seen prices go up as high as .13 to .16 cents per gallon during the evening and overnight hours, then on a couple of occasions that same morning the prices can drop almost by the same amount. It's as though this particular chain is doing one of two things: 1) Just artificially bringing up prices by raising the price so other C-Stores / Gas Stations will follow suit.
2) Using a two tier price system by charging a daytime price and a higher night time price. There are no Government Officials around checking this during the night and they can get away with it. Many drivers have no alternatives as this chain is just off the Interstate and all else, except one - are closed.

I may be all wet in my assumptions, but seeing this happen almost every night or every other night just seems too coincidental to me.

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