Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Prices Of Goods Will Rise Again Thanks To The High Gas Prices......

Since the price of gasoline is rapidly rising so too will be the costs of everything that is transported.  Diesel fuel is running over $4 per gallon now and the trucking industry will have to raise their prices to compensate for the higher costs. The prices of all transported products will go up in order to cover these  costs for the manufacturers.  Savvy manufacturers (especially in the food industry) will begin shrinking product weight and volume again.  Do you see how much cereal is in the boxes?  Do you remember when coffee was usually sold by the pound, and what ever happened to products such as cans of tuna - they've been downsized.  Look at things such as ice cream - it used to be sold by the half gallon, that has gone by the wayside also.

This means higher prices for everything from food to clothing and also higher energy costs.  I have trouble accepting the usual excuses for the higher fuel prices from: switching over to a summer/winter blend or trouble in the Middle East to refineries having to be shut down, etc, etc.  It is particularly disturbing to find out how many billions of dollars that "BIG OIL" gains and reports each quarter.

I get so tired of hearing these excuses as I am sure many other Americans are.  It is time that the government take some action either in investigating why the prices are so high or by opening up our oil reserves to help flood the market and get prices down.

This whole situation is putting the brakes on our economic recovery and is keeping us in this recession -
a recession we've been in far too long now.   Personally I don't like the idea of our government interfering in the markets, but this has been out of control for far too long now.  It is time that something has to be done to put the brakes on these out of control prices and help our economy begin to recover and show a steady growth rate.

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