Monday, May 14, 2012

**May Extreme Cash Starts 5/14 - 6/10 - paid

May Extreme Cash Giveaway Sign-Up

Dates: 5/14 to 6/10 Cost: $3 for first link, $2 for each additional link. Grand Prize: Winner will receive a Paypal cash prize. Amount of cash prize will be determined by # of participating bloggers. Winner will be chosen by
* Required

NOTE: If you are signing up more than one site for this giveaway please fill out a SEPARATE FORM for each site.


Please only fill out the box for the links you are paying for. $3 (includes admin fee) for the first link and $2 for each additional link.


Payment Instructions: 1. Send payment to as a gift OR add $0.50 to cover the cost of the Paypal fees and send as a service. 2. In the Paypal notes section include your blog name only. No other info is needed to match up your payment with the sign-up sheet. $3 for first link and $2 for each additional link.

IMPORTANT: Links to the Resource Page, Facebook Group and Promo Contest will all be on the next page.

Please bookmark the links for future use. They will also be in the Facebook group located on the sidebar. :)

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